St. Andrew Dinner – Nov. 20

Vocation Prayer

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St. Andrew Dinner, November 20th

A St. Andrew dinner  is a simple dinner and evening for those who would like to come and see and talk about vocations and ask questions, like what is seminary like? What is a religious sister or nun? We will pray for vocations too. All are invited who are contemplating marriage as well. RSVP to Fr. Matt

How can I pray for Vocations?
Week. The Church needs faithful familesi who will support their children in pursuing the priesthood and religious life. In our parish, we
have the Elijah Cup program where volunteer families pray for vocations. Please help us pray for vocations from our parish by signing up HERE.

A Family Prayer for Vocations

Father, increase our family’s love
For one another. May we honor
each other in times of happiness or
hardship, bearing with one another
in love, just as You love us.

In a special way, help us strive for
holiness in our current states of life.
Should You call some of us to the
priesthood or religious life, help us
to respond with courage and joy.

Together, we make heaven our goal,
and pledge, with Your grace, to help
each other on life’s journey to You.

Through the intercession of the Holy
Family: Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.

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