Fr. Matt’s Column

Our parish liturgical schedule, in light of the Archbishop’s memo allowing a return to public Masses and the reopening of the churches, will begin on Monday, May 25, 2020 at 8AM.  

No tenemos la obligación asistir a la Misa en los domingos, hasta 25 de Junio.  En lunes, el 25 de Mayo, la iglesia esta abierta para las Misas y confesiones y algunos horas cada dia. Todos que asisten a la Misa se vesten con mascas. Por favor, no hay reuniones con mas de 10 personas.

The Archbishop has continued the dispensation from Sunday Mass and Holy Days of obligation through June 25. This means no one is obliged to attend Mass until June 25. We will continue to air Mass on our website. As a reminder, and as has always been the case, anyone who feels sick is not obliged to attend Mass. The present circumstances are such that some understandably just do not feel comfortable coming to Mass.  As such, the dispensation is in effect through June 25.

We also understand that some of our Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion and Ushers are in this category.   I do not want anyone to feel like they are jeopardizing their health to volunteer in any way.

  • The Archbishop says that the faithful are required to wear face masks at church (except when receiving Holy Communion).
  • St. Luke’s will not provide masks for you.
  • Parents may judge whether their infants and small children will wear masks.
  • Please plan to bring your own hand sanitizer or wipes.
  • If you have a temperature or are sick, the Archbishop asks that you please do not come to church.
  • Please leave any umbrellas outside the church.

How to Enter? 
We ask that you use the main door to enter the church (the one by the bell tower).  With this door propped open, no one has to touch the doorknob.  All four interior (glass doors) will be propped open.

How to Exit?
As usual, all four of our doors may be used for exits at all times.  Be courteous and wait for the proper spacing to exit.  Hand sanitizer will be available at our two main exits.

Seating in the church will be in every other pew on a first-come-first-served basis. We are to keep 6 feet distance between households. Pews not available for seating will be roped off.  Once the pews have been filled, please keep appropriate spacing and go into the Parish Hall, where seating will be available. I will bring Holy Communion to those in the Hall.

During Mass:  
Precautionary measures for Mass previously in place will remain in effect (suspension of administration of the Precious Blood and the sign of peace). Congregational singing will be kept at a minimum.

At the offertory, our ushers will use baskets with poles so that no-one has to touch the baskets.

There are already reservations from our Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion. Either I will distribute Holy Communion alone, or I will have one EMHC at Sunday Masses. The Archbishop said we should form only one line and keep the proper distance. “Anyone who desires to receive Christ in Eucharistic communion must be in the state of grace. Anyone aware of having sinned mortally must not receive communion without having received absolution in the sacrament of penance.” CCC# 1415.

Please remain in your pew kneeling while you wait – preparing yourself to receive Our Lord if you are properly disposed, and having fasted for at least one hour. Those who are not able or are uncomfortable receiving Holy Communion may remain in their pews or cross their arms over their chest to indicate this. For those who are receiving Holy Communion, the Archbishop is encouraging on the hand.  It is permitted to receive on the tongue. Parishioners should try to keep their hands clean before the distribution of Holy Communion. Please avoid coughing or sneezing if possible after that point. (When there are EMHCs, they will follow the same directives and will wear masks as well.)

If the communicant is receiving on the tongue, they should make sure not to move their head while the minister is placing the host on their tongue. If the communicant is receiving in the hand, when the minister comes to distribute Holy Communion, the recipient should make a “throne” with their hands (place one hand on top of the other completely straight and flat), and the minister will place the host on their hand without touching them.  If the minister does touch the hand or the tongue of the communicant, they will immediately sanitize their hands.

Ministers to the homebound may continue to bring Holy Communion in the way they were doing so before public Masses ended.

Confessions will be heard in the Parish Hall with the line forming in its usual position along the side wall in the church. Please keep social distancing while you wait in line.

30 minutes before daily Masses for the foreseeable future. 
Wednesday at 5PM
Saturday at 3PM
Sunday at 7:15AM and 10AM

Baptisms, Marriages, and Funerals may be scheduled in the church with the proper distancing.

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament
Wednesdays from 12noon – 6pm

When more guardians are available for our Monday and Friday-Saturday times, we will open those days back up. I’m praying that our hunger for the Eucharist will actually result in an increase in our Adoration times in the future.  “Could you not spend one hour with me?” Jesus asks this of us.  Please consider being a guardian and email [email protected].

Office Hours
The offices are still closed to foot traffic. Our staff continues to work remotely.

Parish Ministries and Meeting
No meetings over 10 people are allowed.  Restrooms will be available.

Parish School of Religion
The Archbishop asks that we reopen when our local schools reopen.

Good news about Converts
At Mass on May 31, Pentecost Sunday, our catechumen Jaisey Keys will be baptized, confirmed and receive her First Holy Communion. Our candidate Nayla Borrego-Santiago will be confirmed and receive her First Holy Communion. Our children who have been preparing for their First Holy Communion will receive Jesus sacramentally for the first time on June 13th.

Cleaning the Church 
As you can see by looking at the new schedule, we will be cleaning after every Mass as the Archbishop asks. If you can help us to clean, please contact Amy Schmalen via e-mail at [email protected].

Our updated schedule is below, and I thank you for your patience as we plan and carry out these changes.  May God be glorified, we be sanctified, and may we seek after eternal life and avoid sin. Let us receive Jesus in each Holy Communion as if it were our first communion, our last communion, and our only communion.


In the hearts of Jesus and Mary,

Fr. Matt