Christian stewardship is one of the fruits of discipleship.  A Christian disciple makes a mature choice to accept Jesus’ call without counting the cost, and stewardship is an outward expression of such a choice.  In responding wholeheartedly to the Lord’s invitation, the mature disciple recognizes God’s gifts, strives to take care of them, and shares them out of love for God and neighbor.

We invite you to consider living out your call to stewardship of treasure through regular sacrificial giving to the needs of the parish.  This can be done through our parish envelopes or through our online giving service (which allows you to setup automatic recurring donations).  We also invite you to consider how you can provide for the long term needs of the parish through planned and estate charitable giving.  All of these options can be explored through the Giving pull-down menu on our website.  If you would like to receive weekly envelopes, please contact Amy Schmalen.