Have you registered with us? One way to know is if you receive regular communications from us; such as  envelopes, e-blasts or mailings. If you do not receive at least one of these, then perhaps you are not registered at St. Luke The Evangelist! Registration allows Fr. Matt and the staff to get to know you better, to welcome you and to minister to you. Thisis especially important during a time of crisis so that the pastoral staff can attend to your spiritual needs and the needs of your family. Once you register you can either set up an account with Online Giving or ask to receive Offertory Envelopes. Envelopes come in the mail.
If you use offertory envelopes or online giving, you will also receive a year-end statement of your donations for income tax purposes.

You are welcome to print the Registration form and mail it to us or drop it in the basket when Masses resume.

Our mailing address is:

St. Luke the Evangelist
91 N. Park Street
Dahlonega, GA 30533